Averi Iris creates original paintings that explore, embody, and express the truths and possibilities of people, places, and animals of the west.

With bold, heartful originality, she creates one-of-a-kind works that connect story, experience, and image. For Averi, the story of a piece travels through and out from the image itself in both directions — a window to what inspired her and an invitation to the viewer to find their own meaning, memory, or emotion through the canvas.

Inspired by Beauty, Driven by Connection

Averi finds inspiration everywhere, but finds herself continually drawn to the sky — the shifting, hypersaturated colors of Montana sunsets, expressive both in their smoothness and unpredictability, making us look up in wonder and joy.

A natural conversationalist and connector, Averi seeks out the unique perspectives and stories of those around her. These varied points of view inform her passion for creating art that inspires others as well as herself. "I respect other people's connections with my art — they won't have the same sense, experience, or reaction that I do. What they're drawn in by will be different, and I love that. I want people to make their own meaning."

Her subject matter is always personal — sometimes with a clear story, sometimes unspoken — and Averi's paintings go deeper than words. As someone's idea of a mountain will be unique to them, and how each of us weaves emotion, memory, and senses differently into our ideas and concepts,

Averi creates works with both singular and evolving style — going beyond art for art’s sake, and deeper than a single technique, with the goal of taking the viewer somewhere special. "I don’t compare a painting, even to other pieces I’ve done. I want it to be unique to itself."

“I don’t compare a painting, even to other pieces I’ve done. I want it to be unique to itself.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Averi take commissions?

Thank you so much for your interest in Averi’s art! Averi does not currently take commissions. At this time, due to Averi’s full schedule with sports, school, and enjoying life as a teenager, her painting time is reserved to what inspires her. This helps protect her JOY in painting at this young age, so she wants to continue later! More original pieces will be available soon, and you can find all her prints as well as other products for purchase. Thank you for understanding and supporting her work.

How can I buy an original?

When new originals are available for purchase, Averi sends out an email announcement — you can be one of the first to know when a new original drops by getting on the list!

How do I get notified for the next drop?

People on our email list are the first to know about our original drops. Head to the footer of the site to sign up.

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While originals are one-of-a-kind, it’s simple to bring home your favorite pieces with a gallery-quality print or Averi Iris product.

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