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Bringing Magic to Life on Canvas

Averi Iris sees the beauty in everyday moments and brings them to life through her bold, colorful paintings.

Expanding the horizons of artistic convention with every brushstroke, she mingles color, texture, space, and light to evoke emotion and energy.

Averi's Process

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Timeless Western Icons From a Fresh Point of View

Averi paints western landscapes, iconic wildlife, and the people and places of the west, both past and present. She combines contemporary, true-to-life detail with abstract experimentation for realistic yet dreamlike scenes — carefully-studied subjects dancing with rainbowed hues.


“Living in Montana, I can’t help but find inspiration everywhere I look — from the sweeping, hypersaturated colors of Big Sky Country sunrises and sunsets, to the smallest details of everyday objects and simple moments. Life is art. My goal is to help create art that matters — whether I’m telling a story, raising funds or awareness for an important cause, or just bringing a smile to someone’s face.”

- Averi Iris

Meet Averi Iris, Montana Artist

Born and raised in Montana, Averi became known for her prodigious artistic talent as a young teenager. Now recognized as an emerging talent in her own right, Averi continues to expand her repertoire and explore new ways to paint what inspires her, while giving back to organizations that make the Montana she loves a better place.

About Averi

Local Partnerships

Averi partners with businesses and organizations to bring a curated selection of beautiful artwork to your walls. A partnership can also help generate retail sales through paintings, prints, and other products.

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