About Averi Iris

An artist’s eye and a heart for others

Averi Iris captures the people, places, and animals of Montana and the west in bold, expressive paintings.

A self-taught teen artist, she creates with both talent and vision beyond her years. Averi's work ranges from oil and acrylic paintings to drawings of all sizes. The powerful presence of her visual storytelling emerges from her innate curiosity, artist's eye, and heart for others.

Born in Montana, Averi’s early love for art began with days spent drawing with her grandfather.

Her great grandmother and namesake, Iris, also loved the art and icons of the west, with Native American art adorning her home. Averi's love for the play of colors, shapes, and textures soon became a passion for self-expression. As drawing turned to painting and evolved in style and technique, her work developed into true art. Averi sold her first piece at the age of 10.

Today, Averi's artistic presence continues to grow. Regularly the youngest artist at auctions, fairs, and events, Averi's art constantly evolves, as she does. Each painting is a fresh start for her curiosity and creativity — with endless possibilities at her literal fingertips, Averi prefers to fearlessly explore inspiration and experience rather than narrow herself to a niche.

Montana Artist Averi Iris holds a colorful mountain painting.

With a curiosity and wisdom much older than her years, Averi intuitively recognizes that the world is full of new experiences, and new ways to connect to what's around us while learning more about ourselves. This open-hearted philosophy forms the basis of her inspiration — letting herself be captivated by what she loves and staying open to the beautiful possibilities of life.

"I’ve always wanted to try everything. When I do something, I go all-in — from sports to art. I love it — meeting new people, painting new things, exploring new places, competing in multiple sports."

Montana Artists Larry Pirnie and Averi Iris stand together.

Also a passionate learner, Averi has great admiration and respect for today’s artists, and those who have come before her. She loves to learn from their unique style, technique, and visual focus, inspiring her to create her own.

Today, you're likely to find Averi on a soccer field, a tennis or basketball court, or at home painting with music playing, friends and family nearby. She hopes to continue creating pieces that resonate with her community and plans to eventually travel the world, painting what inspires her in all the places she lands.

(Averi is pictured here with Larry Pirnie, Missoula artist and mentor)

Averi’s Artistic Journey


Averi’s exceptional artistic abilities come to light at her 10th birthday party. The same year, she sells her first painting


Averi is the poster winner at Monforton School Art Fair


Averi’s first commission piece, “Genjo, “provides the opportunity to try larger canvases and experiment with bold colors


After the loss of her cousin, Averi creates the painting "True Colors" and sells it at auction, with proceeds going to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Sweet Pea Festival of Arts Poster winner


Averi's work is hung at Bozeman International Aiport


Averi’s art is featured at Sage Lodge in Pray, MT


Learning of the tragic death of Mona Lisa Two Eagle, of the Rosebud Sioux, Averi creates a painting to raise awareness and money to benefit Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW USA), raising $5,000


Averi donates her painting “Dawn’s Early Light” to Big Sky Bravery, her largest donation to date

  • Averi graduates from high school
  • Averi attended a 3 month long Gap Year Art Residency at Cow House Studios in Wexford, Ireland.
  • Travels to Thailand, Italy
  • Art Shows, Painting and New found Freedom.
  • MSU in the Fall
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