Original Painting. 60" x 48" | Oil on Canvas | Completed March 2023. 

Two wild horses coming together in a seemingly unquestionable friendship. This painting, set in an endless field, feels calming and serene, with muted tones, highlighted in subtle color & accented with gold leaf. 

Product information

Dreamlike, whimsical, and full of life

Averi creates heartfelt, vibrant paintings with integrity to subject matter and her own creative expression. Each piece is a story, mingling colors, textures, and inspiration. 

Meet Averi

“What matters most is how the piece moves you. What emotions or memories does it call to mind? I paint what I love, in the hopes that a painting might become something you love. Because we all deserve more beauty and inspiration, more opportunities to seek and cherish the light and warmth of being alive on this earth together.”