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Bring color, creativity, and vibrant connection to your walls

From one-of-a-kind original paintings to beautiful prints and products.

Elevate the energy, personality, and style of your business or space by featuring Averi’s colorful paintings on your walls.

Averi creating a bull elk painting on canvas.
Averi standing next to one of her Native American paintings.
Averi starting a new painting during an event in Downtown Bozeman Montana.

Purchase Averi’s Work

Purchase multiple originals and/or prints from Averi Iris for your space.

Averi would be glad to help create a curated selection of thematic pieces or a combination of colors, sizes, and subjects to best represent her work within the environment of your workspace or business. Averi Iris offers discounted rates for multiple purchases to local and regional companies and organizations.

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Featured Artist

Feature Averi Iris in your space for a month or a season, displaying her unique style of cheerful, colorful vitality. Averi would love to help curate a selection of her originals and/or prints to be featured in your business, restaurant, or hospitality space.

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A colorful mountain painting by Montana artist Averi Iris.

Averi Iris Retail

Bring Averi’s art to your walls and generate revenue through retail sales of paintings, prints, and other products.

From contemporary western art with themes of mountain landscapes and wildlife to original works of people and places, Averi's works draw Montana locals and visitors alike. Averi offers discounted rates for multiple purchases.

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